Can the Japanese-Internment be applied to the post-9/11 discrimination?

Blog Presentation

1) Victoria- Why We Chose the Japanese Internment

    Victoria- What the Japanese Internment Is

                      WRA Propaganda Video

                      1700% Project

2) Alicia – Relationship to Present Day Racial Profiling

3) Pierre, Alicia, Victoria – Difficulties in Poetry Writing Process

4) Pierre – Pearl Harbor Poem

                       Pearl Harbor Images

                       Pearl Harbor Poem

5) Alicia – Internment Poem

                       Never Again Will This Happen Video and Poem

6) Pierre – Conversation Poem

                       Disillusion Info

                       Disillusion Poem

7) Victoria – No No Boys (Who they are and what they mean)

                        No No Boys Article

                        No No Boys Poem

8) Alicia – Fifth Years later

                        Clinton’s Apology Letter

                        Fifty Years Poem

9) Pierre- The Wire and what it Means

                       Some Information Possibly?

                       The Wire Poem

10) Victoria – Mass Perception of Two Racializations

                       Santorum Article

                       Mass Perception Poem

11) Alicia – Dr. Omar Shahin and Dialogue Poem

                      Article on Dr. Omar Shahin

                      What More (Dialogue Poem)

12) Victoria – Narrative of Today

                       Freedom and Fear Poem


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