Can the Japanese-Internment be applied to the post-9/11 discrimination?

One Sentence Poems

The Outside Perspective:

Give us 30 minutes, and we’ll show you your world,

But only the parts you’re supposed to see,

And we’ll take creative license as well, If only to ensure,

You will think the way you’re meant to,

And accept the stories we tell you, like a child before bed,

So that you will ignore completely

The past laid out behind you, in order to maintain the status quo,

of having you believe

your lifestyle is in peril, and we have a clear enemy,

clearly distinguishable

in the forties as a man, woman or child of Japanese descent,

and today as an Arab,

because a war a world away means they are enemies.

A Changing Society:


such person or classes of persons

as the situation may require –

deemed a threat the United States of America;

all enemy aliens,

all persons of Japanese ancestry,

aligned with the emperor,

(taken for their protection)


the loyal among them say we’re right,

as we’ve provided buses, facilities –

being that even their people are ashamed of those free,

look at their smiles

see how close that naval base is

to your children,

different than theirs by sight, but


due process is not for terrorists,

have to trade up liberty for security,

and must look to peaceful Israel and find the bomber,

not the bomb,

by reporting suspicious activity,

any activity at all:

perpetrated by a color, you see


they hate our freedom and liberty

and train their children to hate us too,

what does it mean to be American now, but

let’s ask the expert:

terrorism is only against the US,

all inside can be spies

How important is their voice?


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