Can the Japanese-Internment be applied to the post-9/11 discrimination?

The Advocation of Racial Profiling


Santorum Endorses Muslim Profiling

This article addresses a recent debate over national security and privacy in the Republican debates. What arose from this debate is a shocking viewpoint from Rick Santorum, a potential Republican candidate for president. He advocated  racial profiling and when asked to elaborate he added, “Obviously, Muslims would be someone you’d look at,’ he said, adding that ‘the radical Muslims are the people that are committing these crimes, by and large, as well as younger males,” (CBS NEWS). This is particularly disturbing to me as it is a clear indication that racial prejudice in politics is still present. This man could be a presidential candidate, although it appears increasingly unlikely, and he garners support by advocating racial discrimination. Given a position of influential political power he would endorse rampant racism. The TSA as an agency as the Department of Homland Security, is under the jurisdiction of the federal government. They must adhere to the standards that are imposed upon them and political power can impose changes in regulation. The issue with racial discrimination, in terms of Muslim focus, is often attributed to the fears of the public. The reason that many people suspected of terrorism are detained and questioned after they have entered a flight revolves around passengers who feel uncomfortable and report their suspicion. This is questionable behavior in itself, but to see a politician vying for a position of control of the nation as an advocate as precursory racism is concretely disgusting. How can thousands of people support a position of unqualified discrimination? The inherent nature of someone’s race should not predisposition them to treatment unequal of their fellow citizens. The government is an institute that should protect everyone in its sovereignty, not a population that it deems superior (Condon).


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