Can the Japanese-Internment be applied to the post-9/11 discrimination?


Attention to all Japanese:
the following instructions must be observed
lest your rights be forgotten.

All items must be safely packaged,
with personal articles securely marked.
When the officers say something,
you shall obey.

The officers don’t want
to harm you.
They are loyal Americans
with a job to do.

But if you disobey orders
and try to escape,
the guards will shoot
to preserve American freedom

We are American citizens, not foreigners,
Why do you treat us this way
and steal our freedom?

Thrust from our homes,
we are branded as an evil race
forced to abandon all hope,
remaining loyal yet being “traitors.”

The officers want
to harm us,
Though we are loyal Americans
with a Japanese hyphen.

What if we can’t hear the orders,
and the guards are trigger happy?
Will we be shot behind the fence
while the papers report our escape?


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