Can the Japanese-Internment be applied to the post-9/11 discrimination?

Fifty Years

Over fifty years later, after abandonment from the homes you built,

After evacuations, after internments,

After four years of suburbia, an isolation

With no recourse or route that could take you home

We send this letter as an apology

Fifty years later, if only

It could replace the hours lost, the time spent

Inside that asylum whose confines still

Have not been loosened, whose chains have not

Been broken; Fifty years and an apology of

Twenty thousand dollars to forget;

Fifty years later, there is an apology

That will not erase a fifty year ache

A fifty year burden had created.


2 responses

  1. chelseahoedl

    I love this poem, especially the last two lines that really emphasize the emotional trauma that cannot be erased, not by being recognized, and not by money. The repetition of ‘fifty years’ does a great job of establishing a ton of resentment.

    March 30, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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