Can the Japanese-Internment be applied to the post-9/11 discrimination?

二度とこの現象が発生します Never Again Will This Happen


I was a child of the double bouquet

Yaeko when I was loyal,

Yaeko when I was not.

I am still a child of the double bouquet


Living with these fingers

That touch the surface

The sanctuary of the keys.

They are my only way out of this heat


I met them there

Four years, one man, one piano

I was married to both

Their smooth sound freed me from this


This prison of little houses

Little white houses that never changed

Little white houses unlike my own

My own that was left behind


I play Ella’s song

She says somewhere there’s Heaven

And I teach it to all the others

So they can find Heaven too


This music I teach

Upholds the sanity in me

And it still will

Long after I leave this place


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