Can the Japanese-Internment be applied to the post-9/11 discrimination?

The No No Boys

Are you willing to serve                          (As It can not be helped that

in the armed forces                                they see you as the enemy

of the United States                                and you must say yes when questioned

on combat duty,                                      on giving up your humanity,)

wherever ordered?                                 You cannot control your future.


Will you swear unqualified allegiance         To a place where you have no home,

to the United States and                              to its people, though they think you wont

faithfully defend the United States               protect their children

from any or all attack                                   as you are the threat who will

by foreign or domestic forces,                     do more damage

and forswear any form of allegiance            to the United States and confirm your loyalty

or obedience to the Japanese emperor,      to your race,

or any other foreign government,                you cannot say no with

 power,                                                         words,

 or organization?                                          you are not a person.



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